An analysis of crime legislation in the 2012 session.

The Florida legislature has a habit of turning out ‘knee jerk/reactionay’ law that in the end is often more destructive than in the interest of public safety. In part, they are doing this because as elected officials they are playing to the electoral forces and single interest groups that they will depend on in the next election.

This article offers the best analysis of the problems with ‘knee jerk’ legislation. “…University of Miami law professor Tamara Lave said what’s troubling most to her about the proposed Caylee’s Law legislation as proposed is a strict liability law, meaning it could punish those who aren’t intentionally trying to commit a crime by notifying anyone – like family members or a minister- before authorities.

One could respond you must depend on prosecutor to do right thing,” Lave said. “That’s a dangerous way to proceed with criminal law because you don’t always have good or competent prosecutors.”

There are a couple of other bills in the legislaturive process that would reduce time served substantially for drug offenders that have completed addiction programs. However, there are only some 2,000 addiction recovery slots in the Department of Correction budget for about 60,000 inmates that have been classified as having addiction issues.

However, overall, this is a very good analysis of Florida Law and the legislative process overall and for 2012 in particular.

Legislators consider Caylee’s Law, crime bills


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