A New Year’s day ride to Georgia

Could not let the new day on New Year’s day pass without a run to somewhere. So, it was off to Georgia for a grits and red eye gravey. At first was a little dissapointed with the weather but that is what it was and so I stuffed it and got on with the ride.

It seemed as if the whole world decided to get on I-75 and move. Those in the North were coming South and those in the South were headed North. Made me wonder just what Christmas was all about.  It almost seem like an interstate version of the muscial chairs for adults. The feeling passed over me that if Christmas did not exist then our merchants would have had to invent it because it is the time of year that most businesses either get into the black or fold.

Traffic:I know it does not look as if there was a lot of traffic but I had heavy gloves on and did not want to be snapping photos in a manner that distracted my attention from those close into me. There were gazilliams of cars with only one or two people in each gussling gazillions gallons of gas. As passed cars, I peeked inside and did not see many happy campers. Trucks were scarce for the first time ever. 

The other day, I was taking down the Christmas tree in the corner of the living room when it occurred to me, just where is Christmas? Yes, there is a tree with lights and ornaments but when I was done, the corner went back to the way it had always been. I guess over the years, i have experienced almost every kind of Christmas a person could imagine and no two were the same.

Think of the price we pay for Christmas. Presents in this day and age are expensive. All too often we measure the love of a parent, child, relative or friend by the number of presents they put under the tree for us. We go into Christmas with high expectations and when they are not meet we get ever so angry. Every person has a fantasy of what Christmas should be. All too many of us stay up all too late the night prior and are operating on batteries that day and consequently lack the enthusiasm for the receiving gifts as they should be received.

Then think of the price the planet pays for Christmas. Think in terms of how many turkeys are conceived and raised in cages or what not, loaded with antibiotics and growth hormones so they can make it to the slaughter house and eventually to our tables. Think in terms of the gas spend traveling from here to there. Think in terms of the trees that are sacrificed for a moments pleasure of unwrap and then regulated to the trash heap.

As I was finishing up my mind games on the turkey a reality check occurred. I was in Georgia and it was time to pay attention to my driving. The one thing for real is that there were a lot of tickets issued on both sides of the Florida/Georgia line. It appears the Georgia state troopers have gone from Blue and Gray to Gray cars.

The traffic on the ride back was a lot more congested than the ride north earlier in the morning. However, the sky was decked out in all its majesty. Every time there was a bend in the road, a new vista opened up. Then it occurred to me as I was watching the steel tombs passing with unsmiling occurpants. It is not a far reach from the climate controled steel cacoons to the pods with a human in each one that we saw in the movie The Matrix.

Don’t know that I should have been surprised as it seems to be more and more common to see a SUV with a big box on the back. I thought the popularity of the SUV was due to their space but most SUVs I see on the road with a box on the back only have one or two people in them. The photo here did not work out because of the thick gloves and high speeds.

Well that was my ride to Georgia on this the first day of the year 2012.

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