States change how they recruit foster parents

This is one of those articles that deserve to be passed around. Not in a whiplash fashion through the internet but printed out and sent to those mothers in prison who remain primary care givers of their children but their children have been placed in foster care while they are in prison.

Horror stories of kids in foster care are legendary and for the most part true. However, this appears to be changing for the better and these mothers need to know about it for their peace of mind. A peace of mind that is critical for them to pursue self-development programs without being diverted by guilt and shame that so often distract them for the self-improvement measures that in the end is devestating to both them and their children.

Make no mist that it is new in a sense and not all areas will be on the cutting edge. However, the mold is changing and changing for the better:

Now several states including Florida, California and Wisconsin are trying to find ones who they know upfront will help with homework, sew Halloween costumes and accompany kids to doctor appointments. Complicating the efforts is the longtime problem of finding enough adults to house children in need.

“Most jurisdictions end up being in a reactive mode because they don’t have enough fosters parents so they’re just focused on getting people into the fold instead of making sure standards for parents are elevated,” said David Sanders, an executive vice president at Casey Family Programs, an advocacy organization in Seattle.

In Florida, the demand for foster homes was so dire that children were sleeping in child welfare offices as recently as a few years ago. And there were recurring problems for the parents that it could recruit: unreturned phone calls, condescending caseworkers and an inability to get the records they needed. They also weren’t invited to staff meetings where the child welfare professionals were making decisions about the foster child’s case.

To print out full article, follow the link: States change how they recruit foster parents

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