Meet the new drug pushers on the block

The below quote says all that needs to be said. Think in terms of many pills have to be sold to not only pay the fines but to pay the lawyers, CEOs and salesmen as well as the doctors that prescibe them and the politicians that receive the political gold of cash for electoral campaigns. In these cases we are talking tax payer dollars. Not one person went to jail for this.

Makes me wonder if  is not tthis is not a game to launder money to pay for the staffs to make the investigations.

“….Pharmaceutical companies have recently paid out the largest legal settlements in U.S. history — including the largest criminal fines ever imposed on corporations — for illegally marketing antipsychotic drugs. The payouts totaled more than $5 billion. But the worst costs of the drugs are being borne by the most vulnerable patients: children and teens in psychiatric hospitals, foster care and juvenile prisons, as well as elderly people in nursing homes. They are medicated for conditions for which the drugs haven’t been proven safe or effective — in some cases, with death as a known possible outcome…..”

Why Are So Many Foster Care Children Taking Antipsychotics?

Drugging the Vulnerable: Atypical Antipsychotics in Children and the Elderly

Study: Antipsychotic Drugs Show No Benefit for Veterans’ PTSD

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