One-Third of Child Sex Abuse Caused by Minors

This article came out of left field in that I was totally taken back by some of the statistics. The one that got me the most was that more than one third of sexual abuse of children is committed by other children. It goes on to say that the laws associated with abuse are geared towards the worst five percent and that most of the kids grow out of their problems never to be an issue again.

However, as the law is geared today with mandatory sentencing and the influence of the federal government tying criminal justice funds to states is the requirement for mandatory and uniform actions such as putting 9 year olds on sex offender registry’s for life.

Don’t know how we ever survived as a nation much less as a democracy without such draconian measures. My only hope is that we can get back a sense of balance at some point and restore our humanity.

One-Third of Child Sex Abuse Caused by Minors
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