Supreme Court Will Hear Florida Drug Dog Case

This is the 3d drug case to reach the highest courts in the state as well as Surpreme Court. This one is based on the use of drug dogs to key on a building without a search warrent. If the courts rule against the state on all three cases, there will be an economic price to pay that will reverberate throughout the state. My own guess is that it could mean at least 40 percent of all inmates would be released from prison and if that is so there would be one heck of a lot of prisons closed and could mean as many as 30 percent of the correction force released from duty.

The real dog fight that would follow is what prisons would be closed. If you thought the blood letting from military bases closings was something in 70s and 80s, this will be even worse because this will be on top of an economy that has stalled where as the military base closings happened on an economic upturn and in most cases the bases were turned over to the state and become industrial parks or the likes. Not much you can do with a prison.

This is a summary of the base going to the surpreme court. Bear in mind, it has already been declared unconstitutional by the state supreme court: “…The case is Florida v. Jardines, which began with the arrest and conviction of Joelis Jardines for marijuana trafficking and electricity theft after a Florida police officer’s drug dog sniffed at Jardines’ front door and alerted to the odor of marijuana, Jardines and his attorney challenged the search, claiming the dog sniff was an unconstitutional intrusion into his home.

The trial judge agreed, throwing out the evidence, but an appeals court reversed the lower court decision. In April, in a split decision, the state Supreme Court reversed the appeals court, siding with the trial judge.

What the high court decides will be watched with great interest by law enforcement, which sees drug-sniffing dogs as an invaluable tool in its fight to suppress drug use and the drug trade. Eighteen states had joined with Florida in urging the court to take up the case. They argued that the state court decision went against legal precedent and threatened a valuable and …”
Supreme Court Will Hear Florida Drug Dog Case

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