Florida to close 11 correctional facilities

 Hillsborough Correctional Institution

Hillsborough Correctional Institution

This is going to be a challenging excercise in double speak. I have only done some stubby pencil math and at this stage don’t know that it is worth more of an effort. However, did come to a couple of conclusions.

There are two annexes in the system that are complete in their construction and empty. There is the one in Lowell CI and one in Suawannee CI. Each is capable of holding about 1,500 inmates. Now, if you compute the number of women held at all the women’s prisons being closed and pull them back to Lowell CI, you will fill the 2nd Annex. If you pull those CO positions in thos places you will have enough slots to staff those places. You would have to throw in the staff positions from Gainesville CI to complete the staffing levels.

My sense is that if you do the same drill with the prison being closed in north Florida, you could come to the same drill in filling the new but partially unfinished or by now maybe finished annex there.

Broward C.I.

Broward is also the reception center for women in South Florida. The annex #2 at Lowell is to be the new repreption center for women. In essence what may be happening is that they are using the staffing slots for the reception center in south Florida to Lowell CI. That way they don’t have to go to the trough and ask for new slots to operate a facitlity with intensive staff. Look to the staffing of the RMC as compared to the rest of the facilities.

Picture of Gainesville Correctional InstitutionThere is another issue that is super critical. If they are looking a cost per inmate then Gainesville is indeed a very expensive prison as is specializes in addiction recovery and as such has a high therapeutic staff level. If they close the prison, will it be a sneeky way to eliminate some 200 or 300 recovery slots for inmates or wil they transfer those slots to other programs in othe prisons.

The below article makes it seem as if old prisons are being closed because they are not cost efficient. However, as far as women are concerned the prisons being closed are costly because they provide some expensive but critical services.

At the moment can not speak to the men’s prison but the two women’s prisons being closed are in metropolitan areas and if it is a jobs program issue for the state they are moving the jobs to what could be considered a rural poverty area.

The question that remains open is everyone going to focus on the prison being closed and superficial jobs being lost or is this just and exercise in political double speak where prisons are bing closed but the jobs are quietly being shifted to other facilities.

Florida to close 11 correctional facilities

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