We are the house of Usher

Today, I experienced a degree of insanity that I am not at all sure how to process.

It started out with an article in the local paper saying the U.S. Army reports suicides down, but violent crimes up. On the surface, it may sound encouraging. However, look at some of the twisted logic: “……Suicides among soldiers in the active duty, Guard and Reserve totaled 278 last year, down 9 percent from 2010…..” and then it goes on to say that “…”I think we’ve at least arrested this problem….”  It was just the other day that I read an article that suicides in the military took more lives than the Taliban.

So, I spent the day teaching a course called Success in College to a total of 67 inmates at the women’s prison in Lowell, FL. The theme of the class was Nature vs. Nurture. The core of the instruction came from a DVD called Zeitgeist: Moving Forward. To a person, the class was actively engaged in the program and better than half were taking notes during the DVD. My impression was that they walked out having a sense of understanding as to who they were and from the comments I got there was hope for the future.

Then I got home and was doing a quick review of the days happenings from the internet and came across this: One Mexican State Bordering The US Was Deadlier Than All of Afghanistan Last Year. It went on to say that: “..According to the Mexican government, from January through September 2011 2,276 deaths were recorded in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, which borders Texas and New Mexico…”

We are talking of an incredible drug war struggling to get control of the illegal drug market in the U.S. These are not small numbers in Mexico or Afganistan. We are are talking of the murder of men, women in children in both places.

Complicating the picture is the fact that the Pentagon has realized that “… violent sex crimes and domestic violence have increased more than 30 percent since 2006 and child abuse 43 percent….” and it goes on to say that “… post-traumatic stress disorder an epidemic; it estimates there could be 472,000 service members with the condition, half of them in the Army….Some 24,000 soldiers were referred to substance abuse programs in the 2011 budget year, ended in September…The Army over 126,000 diagnosed cases of traumatic brain injury from 2000 to 2010….”

We are talking serious problems that are not even being acknowledged or addressed in this an election by either party. We are talking of thousands of lives impacted. We are talking about children coming into the world only to be abused because no one is addressing the core issues that are decimating our society.

We now have a president that as the commander in chief to us a military force in this condition to lock people away without recouse. This will make what the French Paras and the Foriegn Legion did in The Battle of Algiers look like kiddie games.

It just might be that the only hope for the future lies with those in the Jails and Prisons of the nation.

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2 Responses to We are the house of Usher

  1. Beth Redmond says:

    The American public is under the wrong impression that our service people returning from tours of active duty should be able to get back to civilian life in a heartbeat; as they could flip a switch and act as if they had not experienced anything out of the ordinary with their lives in danger 24-7. and seeing their fellow troops killed day in day out. We Americans have a long way to go in understanding what fighting in a war does to a person mentally and physically.

    • kcwalpole says:

      This has happened after every war. People just want to forget and maybe if they can forget about it then it will go away. I walk into the local VA at least once a month and in the hallways you can see the destruction of wars gone by. I teach in the prisons of Florida and meet vets that should be under going psych treatment and not be incarceated. Wait till the end of the war in Afganistan and like Vietnam the funding for the VA will be cut because the politics are if the war is over so is the damage from the war.

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