Methadone deaths in the City of Gainesville

I live in a small town where the economic engines are medicine, education and government. There are no dirty industries and the population is about 250,000 of which close to 80,000 are students at the University of Florida or Santa Fe College. The best and the brightest in the state.

However, the methadone death rate is twice as high as the death of oxycodone which is the drug it is supposed to cure. In the deadliest year, local statistics show that methadone killed area residents a a rate nearly on par with the national murder rate. This is a problem and I don’t see civic leaders be they elected, appointed or by virtue of the positions they hold saying anything about it. It seems that fighting a new super Wal-Mart is their version of civic responsibility.

The cure for oxycodone addiction can be deadly
University of Florida students study less, party more and work fewer hours than their peers

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