Another chapter in prison privatization.

A basic need

This is another story in the sad saga of a gigantic power struggle between the Correction Officers as now represented by the teamsters and the Gov. Scott. This is about money and only money.  It translates into jobs on one side and profits on the other side.

Lost in the debate are the men and women who are doing time without hope and means of transformation. You only have to look where they are closing prisons and it is in those communities that have invested time and energy in programs. Prisons in the hinterlands are pure job programs and nothing else.


On a more humorous note, can’t imagine privatization is going to save any money when it would seem they have cut back as far as they have.  Case in point: “… Critics at the hearing said the state had already cut prison costs to the bone; one corrections officer described toilets at the Charlotte prison routinely clogged by scraps of sheets and clothing because each inmate got only one roll of toilet paper every 10 days. They argued that private prisons, on the whole, are no less expensive to taxpayers, because they are allowed to “cherry pick” the cheapest prisoners…” you could call this push back from the environment.

Lawmaker: Inmates moved before privatization By JAMES L. ROSICA
Fla. prison privatization plan clears House panel

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1 Response to Another chapter in prison privatization.

  1. Marcia says:

    It is sad that this is the LAND OF THE FREE……

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