Another chapter in prison privitization

This artile is good on two counts. First it points out the difficulty associated with establishing a base line in cost cutting. From all out appearances, it appears that the state is trying to set-up a false base of comparison for later analysis by stacking the deck in favor of private prisons.

This they have done by shifting the high security inmates, geriatric and medical problems to prisons outside the areas of privatization. They also require that private prisons operate at a cost of 7 percent less than DOC prisons. In part, they may be able to do this if you base the comparison on the data collected after the inmates have been shifted. However, the 7 percent is not the only number to watch. The follow up numbers related to the profitability of the private prisons system after profits have been parceled out to stock holders.

The second and most powerful indication of sloppy legislation for which Florida is famous for rests on: “When the Senate Budget Committee passed the privatization plans last week after allowing three minutes of public testimony, corrections officers in the audience shouted “Shame!”…” Imagine a whole 3 minutes of public debate/input on a piece of legislation of this magnitude.

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