Another chapter in the prison privatization saga

The entire article as well as the entire prison privatization debate is summed up in two quotes:

1.  “…The action by Florida’s legislature comes after years of sustained lobbying by corporations that operate private prisons, an industry that has been expanding aggressively by offering itself as a solution to state budget shortages. The industry has contributed more than $1.4 million to Florida’s Republican Party in recent years and has spent millions lobbying key lawmakers in that state…..”

2.  There is no real empirical data to say with any certainty that private prisons cost less or that they’re more effective than public prisons,” said John Hall, a public policy consultant in Florida who studied private prisonsin recent years as the executive director of the Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy.

But even as the Florida Senate considers final drafts of legislation on prison privatization, lawmakers have commissioned no outside studies to analyze the projected costs or benefits of the plan, which would more than double the number of private prisons and inmates under private supervision in the state.

Over the last two decades, Florida increasingly has come to rely on the private prison industry in such a fashion that experts say the history justifies taking a pause before approving the expansion plan. A 2005 report by a state inspector general’s office found that the commission overseeing Florida private prisons had been unable to calculate the cost savings required by the state, while allowing contract modifications that benefited private prison operators — changes that resulted in the state’s being overbilled by millions of dollars……”

Makes ya wonder if the over billing was not a form of money laundering that went into the coffers of those driving the legislation.

Follow the link for the complete article: Florida Prisons Bill Would Expand Private Management, Netting A Big Win For Political Contributors

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