Van carrying inmates hit in head-on crash Sunday

On the surface, this is just another story about an accident that happened when a van collided on the highway with another vehicle. But reading the article a little deeper, you will find that “….The inmates were in a 2011 Chevrolet van owned by PTS of America, LLC, which identifies itself as “The nation’s largest prisoner extradition company and one of the largest international transporters of detainees….”

This is an industry that for the most part is totally unregulated and flies below every radar except that of law enforcement. One night, not all that many years ago, I was coming out of a 12 step meeting and happened to see a big muscle car in the parking lot next to my car with the trunk opened. Did not know if the two men needed help so I volunteered to help and when I looked in the trunk there were shotguns, pistols, chains and cuffs. They were not only confrontational in posture but rude as well.

As I was passing the back door of the car which was open to get into my car, noticed that there were ankle chains bolted to the floor. The car had no markings but the layout was meant to move people with a minimum of blowback.

Have heard some rather hair raising stories from women who have been transported in such vans from one state to another and make no mistake it is an unregulated and unsupervised business.

Van carrying inmates hit in head-on crash Sunday

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One Response to Van carrying inmates hit in head-on crash Sunday

  1. stella says:

    Some people say that the elderly should go to prison instead of nursing homes because they get “3 hot and a cot” free medical(which is not true…u have to pay every time you put in a sick call which could take up to a week or so to get….they use river rats in the food… can read it on the boxes….u have to be counted at least 8 times a day or every 3 hours…they give you underwear that is seriously 5 times bigger than I was…shoes that fall apart after just a week of wear….I got into trouble and had to strip down because they thought I was hiding something and when the officers saw my under garments they actually laughed. You are allowed to smoke but if you innocently take them with you to the chow hall, they are confiscated. You get 2 rolls of toilet paper a week….you go to canteen WHEN the OIC decides… see and FEED the rats in culinary (witnessed it with my own 2 eyes)…..on and on. These prisoners are expedited and trapped. What the hell…..and they think the prisoners get good treatment. I beg to differ. Experienced only 1 very long year and was so disgusted in the system….I can go on for hours. GOD bless the ones who did wrong and have to be in there. God bless the ones who think prisoners live off the system. Let them go for one week and see what REALLY goes on in there…not to mention the officers having sex with inmates.

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