Prosecutors seek reduced sentence for former DOC chief who took kickbacks

The story goes that James V. Crosby woulda testified if they had to go to trial in the case of those conspirators that were paying the kickbacks. What no one has mentioned that how many parents and friends paid exorbitant prices for candy bars in a monopolistic situation so that Crosby and Clark could get a kickback of between $1,000 and $14,000 a month.


This was a conspiracy to jack up the prices on both Visitor Park and Canteen on those that had no other choice and could least afford it. They like the prisoners were exploited. Yet in all the legal double speak the ones that were truly robbed have been left in the dust and grossly ignored.


The worst part of the entire mess is that it took the feds to step in prosecute because the state of Florida was equal to the task of investigating, prosecuting and punishing a crime that was confined within its borders.


I guess the only question to be answered is did the state recover the money from the retirement fund of Crosby as required by law or is that something that will be swept under the carpet?


“….At the time the four men cut their deal, Crosby’s state salary was about $124,000 a year and Clark’s was about $94,300.


All four men were convicted and sentenced to federal prison. In April 2007, Crosby was given the longest sentence – eight years. Clark received, and has completed, a 31-month sentence. A month ago, Dugger was sentenced to 26 months in prison, and Deese was sentenced to 14 months….”

Prosecutors seek reduced sentence for former DOC chief who took kickbacks

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2 Responses to Prosecutors seek reduced sentence for former DOC chief who took kickbacks

  1. This is so disturbing for several reasons. 3 of these men recieved a lesser sentance than I and many others have for much lesser crimes. (posession of small amount of drugs) We were addicts caught in the system, not men of authority SCAMMING the system. The salary of these men is staggering to me. These men KNOWINGLY manipulated the system for their own profit and recieved a slap on the wrist. My first thought is…my God…when have you finally made ENOUGH money? As administrators of the law, they should be held accountable for the full penalty of the law, given thier vast knowledge of it. My well meaning friends who cared for me paid the exhorbiant amounts for a candy bar, referred to in this blog, and for many other things as well, like basic hygene neccessities such as shampoo. This is a thing you are NOT provided in prison. Inmates get two or three plasic packets of shampoo a month, if you are indigent. This is equal to the size of a free sample from the drugstore which is no where near enough to keep yourself clean, especially if you have long hair.

    So, those on the outside send cash they can not afford to loved ones in jail and prison. Many of them are just addicts who belong in rehab, yet the powers that be reap the rewards of locking up the users. It is probably no surprise to anyone familiar with the ongoing coruption of the legal system, that the extra money that hard working, loving citizens sent to their loved ones who are incarcerated, went straight to padding the pockets of those who were given control of the offenders.

    It appears that the state of Florida made little effort to investigate this corruption, and yet they put countless man hours into grabbing the homeless user off the street over and over again, to incarcerate and release without rehabilitaion. Would you agree things are way off balance?

    The hardships endured by those who are incarcerated, and those who care about them, have been made even more burdensome by men such as these, and yet, thier imposed sentance is insulting to the taxpaying citizen. Also, what about those who are wrongly accused? And, the changing drug laws that may one day release many who have done hard time for nothing more than smoking crack or taking pills? The profits gained from all of these inmates is probably mind numbing. I would suggest you ask yourself; does an addict deserve to do more prison time than a corrupt politician or law enforcement person? Does an addict who commits no other crime than using drugs deserve prison at all? It seems so twisted.

    I saw on here in Brevard. that two employees of a local detention facility were busted for taping children…yes, underage and busted, “guilty untill proven innocent” children, as they were getting undressed for a bodily search and dress out. These are the the powers that be.

    I truly understand the neccessity for the law. We should all be seriously bothered by the corruption within it. There is not one person reading this who has not been affected by addiction, be it personally or through a loved one. What is most disturbing is that the law looks past the suffering addict and the possibility of recovery, and instead rapes the addict and their family of their cash as punishment for their disease. It’s all about money. The law is applying mandatory minimum sentances to the poor and uneducated, robbing them of a life that could have been prosperous if given some real rehabilitation. The philosphy seems to be that It is more profitible to incarcerate, than to rehabilitate. These men are not much more than predators on the poor, weak, uneducated and addicted.

    Everyone knows that if you are an addict and you have a lot cash, you can buy yourself a good lawyer who can get you out of quite a few charges. It will take a while before the judge finally gets fed up and has to lock you up.

    I am here to tell you, that my very first drug charge EVER, in fact, my very first felony ever, bought me two years in prison.

    So, it is plain to see, that money is what fuels the process of law enforcement, and not the letter of the law. If the letter of the law was enforced, these men would have recieved a very different sentance.

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