Big pharma at its best

 ‘Crisis’: Supplies of life-saving drug used to treat children could run out in 2 weeks: This is a story that needs to be told. The pharmaceutical industry makes big money in spite of their advertising and political expenditures. It is hard to believe that a company could quit manufacturing a drug that is a life-saving drug for kids and not a single hue and cry has been picked-up in the press or the halls of the various legislative branches across the nation to include the Congress much less the president of the US.

Let’s trace the story and see what it tells us.

1. The drug was developed by University of Pennsylvania with seed money from a private foundation. No FDA support nor was there any pharmaceutical company support.
Video: New therapy brings hope to leukemia patients

2. This is the pharmaceutical company that makes the drug and decided to not make it any more because of quality control issues. However, in other places I have seen it written that it was a question of not being profitable. I invite you to visit their web site and see for yourself the size of this company. The question that falls out of this issue is how can a company of this size with the resources at it’s disposal have a quality control problem with a single drug that is as critical as as it is to the kids of the nation. To visit their web site is to be impressed with their size: Bedford Laboratories – Hands committed to care/focused on compassion

3.  Then on MSBC from the New York Times:Supplies of life-saving drug used to treat children could run out in 2 weeks. The entire story can best be summed up in one paragraph in the story “Ben Venue Laboratories was one of the nation’s largest suppliers of injectable preservative-free methotrexate, but the company voluntarily suspended operations at its plant in Bedford, Ohio, in November because of “significant manufacturing and quality concerns,” the company announced.”

So, if the powers to be and media don’t give this problem space on their pages or in their agendas just think what chance the hundreds of thousands of incarcerated women and their children have in getting a life?

This is not about creating a safe society for all but about making money and maintaining power in a democracy that is rapidly turning into an authoritarian government designed to benefit the few in power.

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One Response to Big pharma at its best

  1. The FDA and Big Pharma promote Sick Medicine because it makes profits……there is no advantage in promoting Well Medicine. The FDA and the Big Pharma lobby Congress to push through often times sneaky and covert wording in bills to deliberately squash the whole food and natural food supplement industry for getting people well by Super Boosting the Immune System. The Humane Genome Study proves Vitamin B6 will repair the Cancer Gene in Parent DNA….and nutrigenetics can heal many other diseases…..Big Pharma and the FDA and the FTC spent millions to stop this information from becoming public by censoring Scientific Research and imposing bans….even forced Farmers to cut down cherry trees……I am convinced the Medical world does not understand the immune system and keep it suppressed, deliberately. Ask yourself this question: How much does the Physician make in the winter time on the anti biotic loop? Do you know any poor Oncologists?

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