Half a dozen shoes fall on this chapter of prison privatization

Senate President Mike Haridopolos

It seems as if there was a lot more arm twisting back stage than was readily apparent. However, in the end it was politic as usual. It seems as if precious little has changed in Florida politics since the civil war. There are a couple of paragraphs in the article linked below that ought to see the light of day.

“….This week’s theatrics stem from a decision last year by Senate President Mike Haridopolos and his team to tuck a controversial private prison scheme into the 2011-12 state budget rather than pass a separate law. A judge ultimately overturned that ploy, saying lawmakers had not followed the very state laws they wrote about when a government function could be privatized.

Since being caught, Haridopolos and key lieutenants have gamed the system, circumventing standard Senate procedures to ram the matter through two friendly committees. As the measure headed to the full Senate this week, they turned up the pressure on recalcitrant Republicans. A senator’s wife’s work lobbying for unions (though not the prison guards) was highlighted. Haridopolos removed Sen. Mike Fasano, R-New Port Richey, from his subcommittee chairmanship overseeing the state prison budget after Fasano voiced concerns about privatization and stood up for the thousands of prison workers who would lose their state jobs….”

 Opponents to prison privatization should hold firm

Prison privatization plan dies in Florida Senate

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