State Employee Drug Test Bills Moving in Florida

 Not so sure what is going on in Tallahassee but it seems as if they could use some anti-psychotic medications. They are on a maniac role of bad decisions based on some poorly thought out positions.

They just got their ___ handed to them on the prison privatization effort and last year their drug testing of welfare recipients was put on hold pending federal review. Now they are going full steam for some sort of random drug tests for state employees.

From all accounts this sounds like a not bad idea but no one has linked a cost to the bill. Realizing the devil is in the details it makes me wonder where the push is coming from. We knew were the push was coming from in the prison privatization bill but this is a big bill.

“…This week’s drug testing bills, House Bill 1205 and Senate Bill 1358, would give state agencies the option of randomly drug testing their employees quarterly. Bill supporters argued that the legislation would give state agencies the ability to drug test workers just as private employers do.

“State employees are not different from other employees,” and should be subjected to drug tests just like private workers, said state Sen. Alan Hays (R-Umatilla), the sponsor of the senate bill….” State Employee Drug Test Bills Moving in Florida

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