City votes to tear down, rebuild police station for $11 million

This is an interesting proposition on two counts. The first is that Gainesville is a college town where the economic engines are education, medicine and government. In a city of 125,000 residents living in an area of about 62 square miles of whom maybe some 50,000 are some of the brightest and best of youth in the state you have to ask why do we need such an expenditure for a new police building. Especially, when it was only a couple of years ago that they had a major expansion with the purchase of rather large furniture store next door.
There is another question that comes up. How on earth is it that there is “…$1.5 million from a fund made up of contraband seized by police…” This is not chump change but serious money. Is there so much crime in a town where the police can amass such an amount of money in such a short time?
It would not be a stretch to believe that criminals were allowed to flourish so that they could be harvested down the line.
City votes to tear down, rebuild police station for $11 million

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