Emergency room holds no mental-health solutions

Mental health issues that require medications can be a stumbling block for those coming out of prison. More often than not, a person coming out of prison will have a 30 day supply of medications. They will also have an appointment to a county mental health agency.

In talking to some who work at Meridian in Alachua, less than 30 percent of those coming out of prison show up for their appointment. Appointments are not always scheduled at easy times to make depending on your situation but they can be changed. The important thing is to make then as it is going to be harder and harder to get mental health needs met in emergency rooms.

As inconvienent as it may be to make that first appointment it is a foot in the door and that door could very well be the only door that is open and available to those coming out of prison with mental health issues. This is particularly true in Florida.

“..Despite being the fourth most populated state, Florida’s per capita funding for mental health services is ranked 49th in the nation. With Florida’s foreclosure and unemployment rates among the highest in the United States, many can’t afford treatment that would prevent problems before they reach a critical stage….”

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Emergency rooms can’t solve nation’s mental health crisis

Emergency room holds no mental-health solutions
You could say that where Florida was 49th in the lists of states providing funding for mental health issues, it is going to get a lot worse in the new budget year. “..The biggest-ever reduction in mental health and drug treatment funding passed by the Florida Senate this week will cost taxpayers even more in jails, hospitals and police if it goes forward, some say…..”

Cuts for mental health, drug treatment have many nervous

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One Response to Emergency room holds no mental-health solutions

  1. This has been an issue for many years, 20 that I know of from personal experiences. With the cost of mental health care and so many people uninsured, it’s getting damn near impossible to get into a MHC. Forget about getting into a hospital bed unless you are VERY lucky. Most are fillled to the point of turning away all but the people in imminent danger to themselves and/ or others. I’ve been in the MHS for 20+ years and my last psych appt was 10 years ago, not because I don’t NEED the appts but because my insurance, at the time, dropped my coverag. Until I won my disability claim, I had no insurance. Now I see a regular MD for my meds and forgo the formal therapy. God help me and my family if Medicare ever goes away! I feel for those getting out of lockup, they have a MAJOR battle ahead.
    My brothers have both been in the Pen and one will be getting out soon, on time served. 7 years out of society and he’ll need a lot of help readjusting to life out here. Mental health and job training/ counciling are only the tip of that iceberg. For both my brothers with sexual felonies, it’ll be extremely hard to find housing in the first place. Most apartments won’t allow those with sexual felonies to live there. Most releases end up living in transit housing/ motels and are discriminated against with jobs and even education. Mental health is PARAMOUNT in keeping parolees/ recent releases out of prisions. Why can’t the government see this!!??!

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