Reliving the Crash

I have known more than a couple men and women that are doing time for DUI manslaughter. Whereas they are not on the road more than two or three times a year if that, they do experience many of the same symptoms as mentioned in the below linked article. Whereas they may not be on the road, there is a curios phenomenon of the anniversary date that takes over takes the place of the triggers normally experienced in the free world.

There is another phenomena that I don’t understand but it seems to me that some of the women get pregnant between the time they have the accident and go to prison. That is something that is certainly worth investigating for a PhD candidate.

The subject of incarceration for DUI manslaughter is a very contentious issue. In many cases, I would say that prison does not even begin to touch on the damage and suffering that most go through on their own. For the most part, people guilty of DUI manslaughter are honest and sincere people that have suffered a drastic turn of events in their life. I have had some tell me that going to prison is almost like absolution for what they did and in a strange way welcome it.

Nevertheless, the memory of the crash along with the guilt and shame remains embedded in their brain.
Reliving the Crash

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