Florida legislature has proposal for increasing grade point averages for Bright Future Scholarships

  It appears that the Florida Legislature is on track to increase the GPA required to obtain and renew Bright Futures Scholarships.

Those coming out of prison that are planning to attend college and have been away from school for a while or starting with a GED would be well served to come with a solid strategy for their first year in school.

By that I mean, it would be helpful for them in their last year or so in prison to practice learning. By that I mean meditation, reading and then writing what they read about and then having someone in the dorm that has college experience correct their efforts of writing, expression, comprehension etc.

It also may be helpful if they did not have to work for the first semester or two in college while trying to develop study skills.  That should be accompanied by proper exercise, food and rest as well as complimented with meditation.

Finally, allowing time for a proper transition from prison to school. There are a host of issues to be dealt with that include addictions/recover, wreckage from the past, parole or probation issues, court ordered restitutions, old bills, current as well as back child support issues and etc.
Thousands at UF would lose Bright Futures scholarships under proposed plan

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