The first in what will likely be a series of post mortems on prison privatization fiasco

 Don’t know why I should be surprised by anything in this article but was caught off guard by the mention of bail bondsmen as part of the prison industrial complex.

The fact that the bill went down with a vote of 21 against and 19 for indicates that it was not only close but there was a lot of pressure behind the scenes. However, pressure was only a part of the action. There were also a lot of people fired/removed from key committees that came out against the bill. No doubt there are some knives that will take revenge in the not too distant future. \

I think one of the knives will be for Sen. Steve Oelrich (R) whose seat will be radically altered in the re-districting process this year. If he chooses to run for national office then I doubt there will be any support from the party.

It is a good read but we don’t have enough time for all the back room escapades to be known.
Strong arms and strong stands in Tallahassee

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