Rule could cost child support debtors only income

” Thousands of poor and disabled men stand to lose their only income next year because of a change in government policy that will allow states to seize every dollar of federal benefits from people who owe back child support…..The concern is an unintended consequence of the Treasury Department’s decision to pay all benefits electronically, including Social Security, disability and veterans’ benefits, starting next year….”

There is no such thing as unintended consequences when it comes to any government action. Everything the government does is the product of intention and the only mystery is who is influencing the action.

The big and I mean big impact is on those men and women coming out of prison that have had child support accumulating while in prison. My sense is that the actual child support will not be as devestating as the interest they will have to pay which most likely will be compounded over the years they are behind bars.

I have seen courts charge interest on fines and etc when a person is convicted of a crime and goes to prison. Some come out with big and I mean big bills when interest is compounded of several years.

I have known cases where men and women have been charged with child support while in prison without knowing it and find out on their release they have some big bills to over come. Child support can be levied by whomever the caregivers are while a person is in prison.

Any person in prison with a child could end up owing back child support. I can see the day in the not too far future where children in temporary custody of the state will find they are being billed for back child support because the mechanism is in place between the state and federal government to move the money between the two.

Today it is child support and tomorrow the net will widen. Anyone caught in a trap of mistaken identity or caught in a trap of he said/she said agreement that turns on a dime could find themselves in a real jam. Especially if the state ends up with the same amount of compassion as the IRS. And with control over the flow of money, they will be loth to be compassionate. This is the stuff of horrow movies.

I have also seen situations where spouses have used the threat of suing for back child support as a control measure over the person getting out of prison.

A separate Treasury Department rule, in place since last May in a preliminary form, guarantees states the power to freeze the bank accounts of people who collect federal benefits and owe child support.
Follow this link for full article: Rule could cost child support debtors only income

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