Twisted Ethics

 Here is a state whose wife was given a gift of $500,000 by a contractor when her husband was a county commissioner. Now, now one gives that kind of money to the wife of an elected official without some kind of payback in mind.

Apparently that is only the tip of the iceberg as far as his ethics violations go. The essence is that he can only be fined, reprimanded or relieved of office for this crimes.

“…The gift was the subject of a federal criminal investigation, which found no wrongdoing….” Well, guess who has been writing the laws.

then again “…Senate President Mike Haridopolos recently faced the ethics commission, too. In 2010, the panel found probable cause to charge him with failing to file financial disclosure documents for five years.

The Senate president also admitted guilt. But the Senate committee charged with punishing him decided not to fine him because he owned up to the mistake….”

Fla. state Sen. Norman facing ethics allegations  
State Sen. Jim Norman won’t fight ethics charges, admits he should have disclosed gift

An then there is the Wall Street support of politics. “..

Last week, the American International Group reported a whopping $19.8 billion profit for its fourth quarter. It was a quite a feat for a company that was on its death bed just a little over three years ago, so sick that it needed a huge taxpayer bailout….”
Bending the Tax Code, and Lifting A.I.G.’s Profit

And from the other side of Wall Street comes this:

“The Volcker rule, a crucial provision of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, is supposed to stop banks from doing the sort of risky trading that was one of the big causes of the financial meltdown.

The banks hate the rule because less speculation means less profit and lower bonuses for traders and bank executives. And ever since it was signed into law in mid-2010, they have pressed Congress and regulators to weaken it. Sure enough, in late 2011, regulators issued proposed rules that are ambiguously worded and lack the teeth to rein in the banks. Paul Volcker — the former chairman of the Federal Reserve for whom the rule was named — and other reformers have rightly urged significant changes before the rule becomes final in mid-July. Regulators need to listen.”
for full article: Not What Paul Volcker Had in Mind

Then there is another chapter on the foreclosure debate in Florida. This has all the makings of the legislative actions in relation to the privatization of the state prison system.

Stock Photography Image: A Collage of Twenty Dollar Bills.“….At least half a dozen people — many of whom are fighting foreclosure and drove hours to testify in the Capitol Monday — were prevented from speaking after Senate Banking and Insurance Committee Chairman Garrett Richter, R-Naples, ended the debate after an hour and called for a vote. The legislation narrowly passed the committee and now moves to the full Senate for a vote….”

An arguement has appeared in the press that homeowners are abusing banks and this is leveling the playing fields. We only have to follow the corporate money to see where the loci of action is coming from. Can not believe there was only one hour of public hearing and no representatives from the banks. Then again, their representatives were on the other side of the table.
Senate panel pushes foreclosure bill, outraging homeowners

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