Lets take our blinders off

My only regret is that there is no mention of the kids that get caught up in the same traps as these battered women doing life sentences. They live in an insular world and when their mommies and families don’t believe them or tell them “what happens in the family stays in the family’ they seldom have any recourse but to kill the abuser. This is not at all unlike the Ohio shooting suspect described as ‘fine person’, Ohio school ‘outcast gunman’ in first court appearance as THIRD classmate dies of wounds and finally A teenager described as an outcast .

We pay a heavy price when the elected, appointed. spiritual, and other leaders of the community turn their backs on the communities they belong to and become introspective islands of self-centeredness. 

We fill our prisons and jails with kids doing life sentences and they Anesthetize their consciousness with witty expressions like “do a big crime and you will do the time.”  Most of which could have been prevented if someone had cared enough to get involved.

Would love to give some of these victims of justice a lie detector test and then come back to the prosecutors and ask why which would be followed up by what steps did you take to prevent this?

I have traveled to the four corners of this nation to talk of women and children in the jails and prisons of the nation and never saw one law enforcement member in attendance. Have gone to almost every agency in Alachua county to talk and no one thinks there is a problem.

Got to say that at least someone is making an organized effort to get the word out and do something about it. Where as this effort started in 1989 and it was a long time in coming at least it is bearing fruit. Read the below and do something. No doubt justice will remain blind if we don’t remove the blinders.

“…A California state prison study found that 93% of the women who had killed their significant others had been battered by them; 67% of these women indicated the homicide resulted from an attempt to protect themselves or their children.  It’s time to let the incarcerated battered women of California go free!  With the State of California in ongoing budget crisis and each prisoner costing taxpayers close to $41,000 per year, it only makes sense to release prisoners who are deemed eligible for parole.  There are 50 inmates throughout the state that deserve to be free after spending decades behind bars. Understand their stories. Understand their pain. Understand their plea. They served more than enough time for the crimes of defending their lives, and they deserve a chance to give back to society. Their lives can be best utilized if they have the ability to directly impact people whose lives they can help lead away from a path of devastating choices….”

 The Governor of CA: SUPPORT AB 593 – The Sin By Silence Bill

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2 Responses to Lets take our blinders off

  1. Kelly says:

    It is a harsh reality, every day in the “community mental health” facilty that I work, it appears that true intervention and care are incomplete, and that we become “players” in a system that is made to encourage a McDonald mentality to mental health. That women who come in with stories unbearable to hear with extensive history of abuse and trauma in their upbringing, and they have limited capacity to not react to the external/internal triggers that provoke those same abusive and disconnected behaviors. A PILL CANNOT FIX IT

  2. steve says:

    all true, none-the-less a lament and an awareness of how it is…;
    that suggests its unbareable & awful & reflects our own suffering,
    because we do not follow the teachings that say:
    “until we accept what is,… we produce our own suffering”.
    What expectations ought we have of society that is unsconscious ?
    How do we surrender to that which is & which we cannot fix externally?
    How do we have peaceful abiding while wishing to change the state of mental health
    policy in the country? Seems this is an oxymoran?

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