Another child is dead

In the last five or so years, I have read and learned more about child abuse than I ever wanted to know. Don’t know how many people I have seen that came into the world as babies ready, able and willing to learn;  only to be abused and turned into shells of what they were capable of being.

The monster is not the man in the black trench coat lurking in the shadows. Although he is a threat. The real monster and greatest threat is mother and dad. This is the single greatest thread that has emerged in well over 1,000 prison interviews that I have done in the last five or so years.

At first, I thought I was the gator bait but there were just too many threads being woven together. Then I read Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller which validated much of what I had heard and a unified picture started to appear.

Then in today’s paper there was the best and most succinct article I have ever seen on the subject. This is powerful and hard hitting. This is the reality of what happens all to often to the kids of this great nation. However, we put on the blinders of heavenly mothers, apple pie and afternoon snacks in a Norman Rockwell setting. This is stark reality from a professional. A professional in Gainesville, Florida where education, medicine and government are the economic engines of the community.

“…. I have worked many cases involving the savage beating, starvation, isolation (being locked in a bare room or closet for years), rape, torture, and murder, for crimes such as “stealing” their parents’ food from the refrigerator.

Lest you think I exaggerate when I say torture, I refer to pulling out a child’s toenails with pliers, breaking toes with a hammer, or forcing a 6-year-old to stand under a cold shower while pouring ice water on him for 40 minutes, then making him lie naked under an air-conditioner for the next couple hours.

I do not write this to shock readers. It is past time to wake up to what is happening to our children.

I say “our” children because I do not believe that parents own their children — they have been entrusted to them by God and the community. It is an honor to raise children, not a right. And it is the mentality that children are owned objects that contributes to the terrible beatings, rapes and exploitation of these children by their families….”

The one think I have never seen is a single parent being held accountable for the destruction of a child once that child has reached a maturity or run away from home. It is just too common to know children that have run away from home at 13 and 14 years of age and no one cares. Schools don’t, church’s don’t, law enforcement don’t, and someone please tell me who does?

Then again, don’t know how many cases where I have known parents or a parent that has allowed a child at 13 or 14 to move in with and live with an adult. These are women I have known in prison and some doing life sentences. For more, follow the link: Another child is dead

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