Court weighs US power over states in health case

It appears as if the Supreme Court is on track to making some potentially explosive changes in the way the federal government does business. On the surface their look at federal health legislation has far wider implications then health care alone.

“..No lower court has sided with the state plaintiffs. But the justices have reserved time next Wednesday to hear the Medicaid issue as part of their broad review of challenges to the health care overhaul. And their decision could have implications far beyond health – for federal aid for housing, law enforcement, education and transportation…”

“It was such a surprise that the court decided to hear this,” said Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, a liberal advocacy group backing the law. If the plaintiffs prevail “it would not only invalidate the Medicaid expansion but place in jeopardy almost any federal program that creates conditions for the receipt of funds.”

Court weighs US power over states in health case

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