Feds: Young inmates abused at private Miss. prison

This story has a similar undertone to that of the Feds closing the Dozier school in Florida which you will find in an earlier posting on this blog. The bottom line is why did it take the Feds to close the school and not the state.

Where as the Dozier school was a state school, Walnut Grove was a private facility under the GEO Corporation. Everything goes back to just who is looking after the kids that are in state custody. As long as the bottom line is money and jobs then the state can not be counted on to exercise proper supervision.

In this case, it took The Southern Poverty Law Center, American Civil Liberities Union and a private attorney Robert Pearl to force the Feds to act where the state refused.

The best statistics I have seen is that some 80 percent of the kids coming out of Juvenile Facilities end up in prison. Is there any reason why they should not as they have a very clear experiential view of what to expect in life.

Feds: Young inmates abused at private Miss. prison
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