Student-Loan Debt Tops $1 Trillion

Anyone coming out of prison and going to college needs to take a close look at how they are going to finance their education. I have seen those that had money, worked their way through, took out loans and others who obtained grants and scholarships.

Another factor is what is the course of study. Going to a top flight university is expensive even though Florida may have among the cheapest university systems. By the same toke the community college system of Florida has to among the best in the nation and they are very good about taken ex-offenders.

By mandate, they are required to take anyone who is elegible. I am told that 95 percent of the ex-offenders who apply get in.  Sex offenders and those with violent convictions have the hardest time.

Prior to making any serious decisions a person needs to have a sense of what course of study they want to take. If there is no firm idea then see a school counselor so that they can give you aptitude and preference tests that may point you in a direction. Then with this information in hand visit a financial adviser at the school and ask for help.

There are some specialized grants and scholarships that fit a host of catagories. However, these will shift with the political tide and funding availability. Those that are homeless which most ex-offenders are, have been sexually abused (you will need some sort of documentaion), single mothers with children and of course what the demand is for your course of study. Also the money supply and credit rating may impact loans.

No reason not to go to college just know what you are getting into.

Student-Loan Debt Tops $1 Trillion
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