Fla. gets C-minus in corruptibility assessment

As bad as it sounds the fine print points out that Florida is tied for 18th place from the top as far as integrity goes. That is scary because there are 32 states lower on the list than Florida and most likely the national legislature is lower still.

“….It faults the state, though, for weak regulation of lobbyists, toothless ethics enforcement for public officials and high fees that in some cases prevent citizens from getting to see those much-lauded open records….”

It gets better “…Florida lobbyists also aren’t required to report what agencies, lawmakers or staffers they are lobbying, nor are they obligated to disclose how much they spend. They must identify clients and say how much they get paid in broad dollar ranges, but unlike federal lobbyists they don’t have to give exact figures…”

It goes on and on but I think ya get the point.  The point is if you are writing the laws there are laws you don’t write to keep from going to prison.

Read the below links for the story behind the story.

Fla. gets C-minus in corruptibility assessment

‘Stock Act’ sticks taxpayers with $1.7 million tab

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