Ten Ways anyone can go to college without student loans.

This is a creative list but in many ways not all that much of a practicle list for those getting out of prison. However, the reality is if you don’t research and be creative then you will fall into a trap not unlike is found is links 2 and 3.

One of the reasons banks are so quick to loan money for college is that these loans are backed up by the fed and that they can not be written off in a bankruptcy. There is another aspect; ignore your payments and you will encounter a host of loan companies that are very aggressive but also make a lot of money collecting on unpaid college loan debt and they are working under contract to the federal department of education.

Now go back and take another look at the first link and see if there is something you might be able to work into an overall strategy. I have seen too many men and women who got out of prison with no resources go to college and some did it without incurring any debt.

Be armed by this information when you talk to a school financial advisor and don’t look for the easy road.

Ten ways anyone can go to college without a student loan
Obama Relies on Debt Collectors Profiting From Student Loan Woe
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