How many are dropping out?

It never ceases to amaze me that there is no sense of concern over a dropout rate of 78 percent in Alachua County. Essentially, we are talking of 2 kids out of every ten by the most generous standards. The more rigorous count is 64 percent dropout rate. That amounts to 6 out of ten kids and no one seems to care.

I will offer the reason no one cares is these are the kids that are destined to become the necessary but expendable foot soldiers in the drug world that connect the cartels and pharmaceutical companies with the educated professionals that have the disposable income who consider their privilege to use illegal drugs responsibly in a recreational manner. When these necessary but disposable foot soldiers of the trade become dysfunctional or successful they are harvested by the criminal justice community and put in prison where they provide employment opportunities for the rural areas of Florida.

If you profile these necessary but expendable foot soldiers of the drug trade when they go to prison, you will find they compromise 30 percent of the prison population and about another 30 some percent for drug motivated crimes. They have an average of a 6th grade education and some 68 percent are classified as addicted. The education and recovery programs are almost non-existent.

They exit from prison where they enter a population stream of which 68 percent will return to prison.

The fact that Alachua County has a higher incarceration ratio than the state of Florida which has a higher incarceration than the USA which has a higher incarceration than any country on God’s green earth seems to bother no one in a community where the economic engines are medicine, education and government. It all starts a graduation rate of between 60 and 80 percent where no one cares.
By any measure, dropout rate a concern
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