Orleans sheriff faces class action suit for alleged prison abuse

Got to say that this is the most comprehensive explanation of what happens when there is no checks and balances. It also gives the best description of the power of the sheriff in most communities. He is the bridge between the Criminal Justice Complex and the political forces in the state. All too often, it is the sheriff that eventually moves on into the various state legislatures.

This enhances the power of the Criminal Justice Complex in that laws are passed the favor the growth of law enforcement and prisons often at the expense of human rights. Once a prison is built then they have to stay full for the most part because the economy of most communities becomes dependent on it. An excellent case was the closure of Jefferson CI in Jefferson County Florida this year.

The prison in Jefferson County was the only economic engine and its monthly payroll was bigger than the operating fund of the county. Consequently, the state found the money to keep the prison alive. At last count, there were only three counties that did not have a prison of the 67 counties in Florida.

There are always two side to every story but there is a point of validation in class action suit filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center for human rights violations.  The marshal’s service stops using the Orleans jail as a holding facility because of inhuman conditions.

I do encourage anyone that has the slightest interest in understanding the Criminal Justice system of the US to read this because seldom is every pimple exposed to the light the Southern Poverty Law Center shown on a single institution. Makes you wonder who is asleep at the switch in the state and federal level that such a condition could go on for so long.

Not only was someone asleep at the switch but this kind of human rights abuse only breeds a deeper sense of resentment, anger and violence by those caught up in the system. A sense of violence that will find expression in crime on the street.





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