Cocaine and Terrorism

Cocaine from Ghana, West Africa

In the 70s and 80s, I worked Central America as an Army officer for a total of five and a half years. The terrorist’s movements be they the FMLN, Sandinistas or Contras made their money by kidnapping or as cocaine transshipment points for the Colombian cartels.

There are those that proclaimed them revolutionaries, heroes, etc. The reality is that they were cold blooded killers seeking power for the sake of power. They had no guiding principles other than those which were convenience of the moment or that came out of the barrel of a gun. This I saw with my own eyes.

When the wars ended, they all reverted to politicians and continued their exploitations of the poor and international community through graft, corruption and intimidation much like any other politician in the free world.

Today the terrorist’s movements are rising on the other side of the globe with the same modus apperendi.  “…Cocaine, kidnapping and the al-Qaeda cash squeeze

Hit by a global crackdown on their wealthy financiers, Bin Laden’s followers have been forced to abandon their Koranic principles to pursue their holy war….”  They call it a holy war but the reality is that it is nothing less than a power play clocked by the Koran.

“…The three al-Qaeda agents assured the Colombians that they would have no problem moving their shipment of European-bound cocaine through the Islamist badlands of the Sahara.

As supporters of the terrorist organisation’s North African branch, they would guarantee shipment of the drugs through territory they controlled – so long as they were paid fee of $2,000 per kilo.  …”

The saddest part is that those that finance it now through the purchasing of cocaine are no better than the ones making the money. This is the way it was in the 70s and 80s in the USA as it is today in Europe.

However, the real money maker of the cocaine connection in the US is the Criminal Justice Complex. At the very panicle is the elected officials who make the laws and reap the proceeds through donations and endorsements during electoral campaigns.

It is the uneducated essential but disposable middlemen that link the drug cartels and pharmaceuticals industry to those that have the disposable income and consider the recreational use of drugs their right. It is these middlemen that fill the jails and prisons of the nation once they have been harvested of their gains or become dysfunctional.


Cocaine, kidnapping and the al-Qaeda cash squeeze

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