A fog of drugs and war

A most reasonable question that comes from this title is just what does drugs and war have to do with women and children in the jails and prisons of the nation? The point is that if they are willing to put the men and women that serves the country in harms way and keep them there by the use of psychotropic medications then what will they do to the incarcerated citizens of the country.

The depth and scope of the proplem did not explode suddenly upon the scene. It has been there for the duration of the two wars. The problem is and has been known to the president as well as the congress of these United States.

“…. U.S. Air Force pilot Patrick Burke’s day started in the cockpit of a B-1 bomber near the Persian Gulf and proceeded across nine time zones as he ferried the aircraft home to South Dakota.

Every four hours during the 19-hour flight, Burke swallowed a tablet of Dexedrine, the prescribed amphetamine known as “go pills.” After landing, he went out for dinner and drinks with a fellow crewman. They were driving back to Ellsworth Air Force Base when Burke began striking his friend in the head……”

“…After two long-running wars with escalating levels of combat stress, more than 110,000 active-duty Army troops last year were taking prescribed antidepressants, narcotics, sedatives, antipsychotics and anti-anxiety drugs, according to figures recently disclosed to The Times by the U.S. Army surgeon general. Nearly 8% of the active-duty Army is now on sedatives and more than 6% is on antidepressants — an eightfold increase since 2005. …”   A fog of drugs and war

On the day this photo was taken the warden told me that 47 percent of the women in this prison of 1,500 women were on medications. If the powers to be will use drugs to keep things under control at either end of the spectrum then what is to prevent them from drugging all those in the middle?

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