Strip-Search Case Reflects Death of American Privacy

You can argue about loss of privacy or intimidation but it appears the effacy of the proceedure is invalid based on the statistics of both the state and feds.

“….As a result, instead of arguing about dignity, the justices disagreed about the practical question of whether invasive strip-searches are reasonably necessary to serve the interests of the jails and prisons. Kennedy’s majority opinion said that they were.

Justice Stephen Breyer, in dissent, pointed to studies finding the opposite. In one, conducted in New York under the supervision of the federal courts, one prisoner out of 23,000 searched had hidden contraband in his body in a way that would have avoided detection by X-ray and a pat-down. A California study found three instances out of 75,000 prisoners strip- searched…..”

However, there is a lazy pay-off for sloppy police procedures or you could argue entrapment. In theory, searches are conducted when arrested. By doing a more formal search in jails when men and women are brought in on minor charges where those arrested are released on recognizance after processing they now have a charge of introducing contraband which ups the price of poker if someone is being set up. I have seen charge sheets for those in prison whose sole charge was introducing contraband. Makes ya wonder just what is going on and what on earth happened to “fruits of the poison tree.”

The recent decision by the Supreme Court that authorizes the use of strip searches may in fact simply the procedure but it comes at a price. Especially so when considering the increasing number of men and women that are being arrested for who knows what reason that did not exist in years gone by.

It is almost as if everyone that goes through the ordeal is designed to be humiliated to the point that their potential to engage in passive resistance to governmental authority is diminished along with their respect for such authority. However, it also may mean that whereas at some point they might engage in passive resistance, now they are more apt to let it build till it explodes and finds expression as violent resistance.

Strip-Search Case Reflects Death of American Privacy
A view from the Police Patrol magazine is quoted below:

“…..Corrections personnel may perform a routine strip search on any person arrested or detained before admitting them to a jail, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Monday.   The search may only be a visual inspection without touching or abusive gestures. The prisoner may be told to manipulate some part of the body, according to the 5-4 ruling in Florence v. Board of Freeholders. …”

Supreme Court Upholds Jail Strip Searches

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