Florida gun laws

This is an article that dismisses Florida gun laws as having unintended consequences because they are poorly written. There is not a law written in the state of Florida that has unintentional consequences.

Legislation in Florida is written by powerful interest groups with a vest interest in the location of every period. Not because they are good laws but because politicians in Tallahassee have a vested interest in keeping their jobs. The Lobbyist Behind Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law

If the truth be known, there is no way to really know who or what is happening behind the stage and it is all perfectly legal. Weak ethics agencies, lobbyist regulation tarnish Florida in national integrity investigation . The power of Florida lobbyist is awsome: Lobbyists Set Spending Record.

Yes, there will be articles that atribute bad legislation to being poorly written but the facts remains, it is that way because it was intended to be that way. Florida gun laws poorly written, lethal

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