Sheriff’s Office evidence could be tainted

A couple of days ago, I did an entry on tainted evidence on the part of the FBI. There were two parts of that entry that were of great concern. The first is that so called ‘expert testimony’ was in fact largely a product of sloppy research and testing. The second part was when local prosecutors were informed of the situation and specific cases, all too often they chose not to inform the defense attorneys.

Two or three days later, we see that the local Sheriff’s office is guilty of shoddy evidence processing, inventory and security. What we know is that it took a satellite police chief to make and act on the discovery. A good question is what were the quality control measures to prevent such occurances?

What we don’t know is how many other sheriff employees to include investigators, patrol men and etc were also aware of it. Then again we know dates were entered falsely but what we don’t know is how many dates were based on say investigator input or even state’s attorney input. Things like this don’t go unnoticed by Co-workers.

We know that money was missing but what we don’t know is what and how much drugs have gone missing.

All of this came to light in July 2010. The investigation was completed last fall but the Public Defender was not informed of the problem till last week. The State’s Attorney knew about the investigation but as in the FBI cases, the public defeners were not informed till late in the game if at all.

Now, this is a county were the economic engines are education, medicine and government. All high level employment opportunities. The average education level of those being convicted and sent to prison is the 6th grade. Makes you wonder if there is not two levels of law.

Think in terms of this: Incarceration ratio of Alachua County is: 1,151 per 100,000. The Incarceration ratio of Florida is: 844 per 100,000. The incarceration ratio of the US is: 730 per 100,000 which is the highest in the world. That means that there is no country to include Russia that has a higher incarceration ratio than Alachua County in the world.

Sheriff’s Office evidence could be tainted

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