Breach in the evidence room

This is just another step in an ongoing saga of in a break down of the chain of custody problems as well as theft from the Alachua County Sheriff’s office.

This editorial adds a new demension to the case in that in addition to the theft of money an inventory showed there were 205 missing items of which only 77 have been accounted for not to mention documentaiton problems.

Without a doubt, no one will be held accountable outside of the evidence room. A problem of this magnitude can not exist without investigators and prosecutors being aware of it to some degree and my sense is that if pressed, the case will expand. However, it is in no one’s perceived best interest to do so.Editorial: Breach at ASO
No sooner than I finished the above post than I saw this on another page. It appears there will be some digging. Not because it is the right thing to do but because lawyers are circling the wagons as they smell money. They want to know if their clients’ rights might have been violated

And there is more:
Sheriff’s Office evidence could be tainted

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