New data: Number of serious crimes drops in county, state

The score card for crimes in the county is in and there is some incredible double talk as well as back slapping in the spin put on the facts. However, two points remain. The first is that ‘…Hendrix said the number of violent crimes such as murder and sexual assault was similar from 2010 to 2011, though there were notable drops in burglaries and robberies….” and then ‘…Alachua County, the 23rd most populated of Florida’s 67 counties, the 12th-highest crime rate in the state for 2011….”

Someone please tell me how is all of the above possible when the economic engines of the county are medicen, education and government. We have some 80,000 of the best and brightest students from the state out of a population of some 249,000. New data: Number of serious crimes drops in county, state

Out of these statistics comes one that is largely ignored. ‘…Through March, 919,831 people held permits to carry a concealed weapon in Florida, or roughly one of every 15 adults in the state. (More than 106,000 permit holders live in other states.) Four out of five are men. Most are over age 50….’ Why is it that in a state with the crime rate on such a downward spiral is that there are so many gun permits held?Gun permits in Florida a growth industry

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