More on community colleges

Those coming out of prison will do well to read through both linked articles in the entirety. The first is on Community Colleges and high lights a graduation rate of maybe 25 percent.

May no mistake, Community Colleges is good places to go for a technical education and you can develop some fine liberal arts skills in the process. However, they are not always an easy road. You do have to be committed as well as willing to work in the process.

My own sense is that to a large degree the high dropout rate reflects a lack of commitment more than anything else. Often this lack of commitment is more from struggling without having a solid sense of where you are headed.

A great deal of not know where a person is headed comes from not going through the aptitude testing as well as good counseling.How to Make Poor Kids $1 Million Richer

Then there is this: How U.S. Students Can Work Off Their Trillion-Dollar Debt

And finally: Harvard, MIT unite for free online education

And yes, there is more: Federal money accounts for up to 90 percent of for-profit colleges revenue and some institutions spend a quarter or mr of their revenue on recruiting: For-profit college ads draw scrutiny

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