Debt Collectors

For those getting out of prison, there is often a ton of wreckage from the past and among some of it is old debts incurred while struggling with addictions and so on. Surprisingly, my experience is also that a ton of debts to include identity theft and subsequent problems with the IRS is not so much from their actions but the actions of family and friends of days gone by.

Below are a couple of web sites/articles I have stumbled across in the process of trying to answer a few questions that were posed to me over the years.

Bear in mind that this is information and links from the internet and some may be false, some may pertain to states. Look at what is interesting to you and do your own research.

‘…Knowing The Ins and Outs of Collections and Credit You have a credit card for example. You pay the debt in full, and close the account. You think it’s closed, and that’s the end right? Wrong…unfortunately for all of us, these banks, creditors, and loan companies are selling the debts, over, and over, and over for a period of 10 years plus….’

However, of more immediate value is ” …..They are not allowed to curse at you, or say things like, “we’ll take your house”, and “we’ll put you in jail”, or we’ll ruin your credit”, or “we’ll call you repeatedly”, and so on. You can hang up on a bill collector, and if they are compliant, they will not call you back until the folllowing week. Unfortunately many do call back, harass, oppress, abuse, and violate the laws left and right…..’

Lots of common questions here: STOP HARRASSING PHONE CALLS

Can a creditor threaten to put you in jail because of a late payment?

And then there is this: Fact Sheet 27: Debt Collection Practices: When Hardball Tactics Go Too Far

This seems interesting: PAY UP OR ELSE! (I Don’t Think So!) How To FIRE The DEBT COLLECTOR Instantly Using Federal Law

And from the office of the Attorney General of North Dakota comes this PDF: Consumer Rights – Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Then from the Attorney General of Washington State: Collection Agencies

This I like the best: Collection agency call at work about debt?

This is a late entry but belongs here as well. Medical bills can be problematic in that they are complicated and not even multiple providers related to one procedure will get it right. Well worth the read: Discrepancies on Medical Bills Can Leave a Credit Stain

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