Former ASO evidence tech acquitted of theft charge

The cast of characters and senario reminds me of the murder trial of Frank Valdes by correction officers. This too will go down as a foot note in Florida law where no one gets blamed because all the players were dues paying members of the Florida Judicial Industrial Complex.

The saddest part is the fact that there was an uncontested question of broken chain of custody in the evidence procedure and dates were not kept as well as entered late. The internal investigation was just that an internal investigation and not one by an outside source.

This is not unlike the way the Florida Department of Corrections used to operate until the law was changed to have the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigate illegal acts within the Department of Corrections and the public prosecution of the murder of Frank Valdes was one of the first and biggest investigations.

Where as it got no where in the state court, it did get traction in the federal courts and the state ended up paying 5 million dollars in restitution for the incident.

Former ASO evidence tech acquitted of theft charge

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