Community colleges challenged as numbers rise in tough economy

This is a good over view of the community college situation but even better viewpoint on the stats of successful completion. ‘…Nationally, of students who started in 2007, 22.5 percent graduated after three years….’ It is easy to walk away from a community college if you are not prepared to do the work.

Doing the work is not so much about getting As but it is taking those remedial courses needed just to get into the ball game to do the work. Yes, you can go a long way by doing a lot of reading, writing and math prior to school. But the numbers point out that ‘…Nationally, 58 percent of two-year public college students enrolled in at least one remedial course and only 28 percent graduated within 8.5 years, according to researchers with the City University of New York.

About 60 percent of first-time associate-degree- or certificate-seeking students are placed in remedial courses and less than a quarter of them graduate within eight years, according to the Columbia University’s Community College Research Center….’

Just knowing what the numbers are enables you to prepare for a challenge and in so doing your chances of beating the odds are so much better.

Community colleges challenged as numbers rise in tough economy;
Editorial: Grad Nation

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