David Gore’s execution

Originally published 04:00 a.m., April 11, 2012
Updated 09:38 p.m., April 11, 2012

‘…On a spring morning 33 years ago, John Spenkelink had two swigs of Jack Daniels whiskey before being executed in Florida’s electric chair.

The whiskey was a sedative and “last meal” for Spenkelink, 30. He was the first inmate to be executed in Florida, and the second in the country, after the re-legalization of capital punishment in 1976.

Since then, 1,289 inmates have been executed in the country — 72 from Florida, four of whom were from the Treasure Coast. On Thursday, Vero Beach’s David Alan Gore is scheduled to be the fifth.

Although he awaits a destiny similar to Spenkelink’s, barring a last-minute stay, Gore’s execution will reflect the modern changes in Florida’s capital punishment….’

David Gore’s execution

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