2 jail supervisors disciplined, another quits

There are many thanks that could be said about the running of a jail and a 317 page investigation says a lot. However, this is not a one time affair. “…The case is the latest in recent years involving jail employees, including investigations of two jail directors that led to them resigning under fire…”

A county jail has several functions and one that goes largely unnoticed is a responsibility to protect the inmates that are forced to be housed for whatever the reason. “… “It’s a tough job. It’s not a happy place,” Darnell said. “Classification is a high-stress, high-responsibility area because people can get killed or raped.”

The current classification system was started after a University of Florida student jailed for a weekend in 2003 on a marijuana charge was raped by another inmate….”

2 jail supervisors disciplined, another quits

After looking at the article just below it in the newspaper there is another story about the jail, it looks like business as usual. Another function of the jail is to protect the public.

‘…A Gainesville man was arrested Tuesday after he choked his ex-girlfriend until she lost consciousness, a report states….’ The abuser is taken to jail where he calls the victim and starts harassing her. She notifies the jail and goes to bed. ‘…When she woke up Wednesday morning, she had seven more missed calls from the jail, the report said….’

After reading the article, it is easy to get the impression that it is the victim’s fault she got the phone calls.  Man called victim 8 times from jail, victim says


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