FCAT writing scores plummet

 The average educational level of those that go to prison is about the 6th grade. That is too low to even be considered for GED programs.

The state of Florida ranks at the bottom of the nation both for money spent on education as well as educational achievement.

So when confronted with a problem such as:

• The preliminary results show only 27 percent of fourth-graders received a passing score compared with 81 percent last year.

• For eighth-graders it was 33 percent — down from 82 percent in 2011.

• For 10th-graders it was 38 percent — a drop from 80 percent last year.

Their solution is to dumb down the scores to increase the passing level. Back in 95 or so, the state of Massachusetts gave high school competency tests to its teachers and found that most could not pass a standardize High School test. Numbers like this demand a closer inspection than a generic dumbing down of scores.

However, it the objective is to produce an illerate population to fill the jails and prisons of the state then they have found the solution.

FCAT writing scores plummet

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