Brain Ailments in Veterans Likened to Those in Athletes

It is beginning to look as if what was only the tip of the ice berg is starting to manifest itself in a big way. However, my sense is that shortly it will find expression in child abuse as well as low educational achievements and lack of impulse control as well as addictions.

The article is very clear “Our paper points out in a profound and definitive way that there is an organic, structural problem in the brain associated with blast exposure,” said Dr. Lee E. Goldstein of Boston University’s School of Medicine and a lead author of the paper, which was published online Wednesday by the peer-reviewed journal Science Translational Medicine.

It goes on to say “C.T.E. causes neurological decay and is linked to memory loss, personality changes, impaired judgment, depression and dementia. A once obscure disorder thought mainly to afflict boxers, it has entered the popular lexicon in recent years as more athletes have received the diagnosis, including David Duerson, the former All-Pro defensive back for the Chicago Bears, who killed himself last year.Brain Ailments in Veterans Likened to Those in Athletes

Now, think interms of babies that ae subjected to trauma and drama as well as kids under ten when their brains are in the basic formative stages not only being physically damaged but being marinated in adrenalin and cortisol. The damage has shown up in brain scans as shown by “The Safe Babies Court Teams Project

 We have to ask ourselves the question: are we not filling our jails and prisons with people that have been legitimately handicapped from their birth because we as a nation and community failed them.

We could have failed them in oh so many ways. Ways that led to addictions, low educational achievement and putting in places patterns of behavior that will lead to their children and their children’s being doomed to a life of incarceration and suffering because it is that incarceration that leads to oh so many jobs.Florida mom who killed four kids and herself endured violence

Think this is an exaggeration? Then look at the history of Jefferson CI in Jefferson county Florida where the state prison was the main employer and its closing would have been an economic disaster for which the whole community would have suffered.

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