Florida mother fatally shoots her 4 children before killing herself

T. Thomas

The recent incidence in Port St. John where a mother shot and killed her four children prior to turning the gun on herself and committing suicide in itself is a tragedy. However, I will argue that it is only the tip of the ice berg and does not even begin to touch on the full scope of tragedy that could have been prevented on several levels.

Immediately prior to the kids being shot by the mother they ran next door for help. They stated their mother had shot them and the neighbor would not help because they were bleeding. They were not offered shelter which would have saved their lives.

Not being offered shelter, they went back to their mother when she called them and they were shot at ranges that went from contact to 18 inches. That is four kids were murdered because the community did not get involved.

I don’t know how many kids and adults grew up in like situations where violence of a host of forms to include sexual was sanctioned not only by the community but the schools and churches alike declining to get involved.

Then on another level, the family was under supervision by the state and again the state failed. This is not at all unusual and the state has failed kids in the past on oh so many levels that has reached national attention.
I guess my question is: how many more kids have to die in a like manner before the communities and state becomes involved? We elect men and women to the legislature to put into place those systems to protect the public. However, as noted by the priorities of this year’s legislature-redistricting was the first priority and not the welfare of the public which includes the women and children at risk.

 Then again, there are no jobs for the criminal justice community if such cases don’t appear. Then again: Florida has a higher incarceration ratio than that of the USA. The USA has a higher incarceration ratio than that of the world which means that there is no nation on God’s green earth that has a higher incarceration ration than the state of Florida which includes China and Russia.

So much for the freedom in the home of the brave.

Florida mother fatally shoots her 4 children before killing herself

Florida mom who killed four kids and herself endured violence


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