Lawsuit alleges toxic exposure at prison in Fla.

Last December, I was taking a ride to Panama City and stopped off in Jefferson and Jackson counties and discovered that there was a Federal Correctional Institution called Marianna and so decided to see what it was like or what I could see from the road.

As you can see from the second photo, the turn off of the prison was fronted by a playground with a little steam engine that reminded me of the engine that woulda if only it coulda. Took a couple of photos and had a feeling that I would be revisiting the site for who knows what reason in the not too distant future.

You have to realize that the economy in this part of Florida is totally dependent on prisons or to say the pain and suffering of others. Their job is to contain them in a closed environment and exploit them. Not too different from the days of slavery. And like the days of slavery it can backfire on them in the most unexpected ways and so it has.

“…More than 160 current and former employees and family members are suing the federal prison agency over ailments they blame on exposure to toxins at an electronics recycling facility at a penitentiary in the Florida Panhandle.

Many are suffering from sores, joint pain, memory loss and internal bleeding as well as thyroid, reproductive and breathing problems, according to the lawsuits….”

This is the guard force but no one has mentioned the toll it has taken on the inmates in this prison or the other federal prisons that have like operations.

Follow the link for a lot more information:  Lawsuit alleges toxic exposure at prison in Fla.

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One Response to Lawsuit alleges toxic exposure at prison in Fla.

  1. Ji Hyang says:

    Thought you would appreciate today’s editorial in the Times. Reminds me of something you’ve written.

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